(with the header "Rubin Brothers" in Paris)

                Hello. How are you?
Nice trip ? So long time 6 months ago. California is more a country town as NY is just a town, OK ? And the emergency ladder blocks my window and my NY, loop etc. etc. This morning 8:30 can not sleep went drinking coffee at Primo's across the street, met Keneth Noland last night met Slipka - and had dinner at their place they have two Arman. Yesterday afternoon broke up with Yayoe, I saw her again and my hair bristled, I did what I thought impossible with my very kind very sweet character, I told her the worst horrors about her, about what I thought, about what she could do etc. She lost face and will not say "my Arman" anymore. Jean Tinguely is in New York I have to meet him tonight.
I went to the grocer downstairs to take some fruit juices and biscuits. I have a little room not so larges as the last time and it is behind. See you later darling. Here it's awful this morning people went to work with faces like fetuses not yet alive.
What a difference with Calif.
            I kiss you.