It is getting clearer have past the evening yesterday with YVES [SEGUI] TABUCHI GILL TRAUT FRANCE. AFTER we ended up at the circle where there was not a trace of any local. It becomes clear. [Segui] asked me for an exhibition for the autumn of 1963 in TOKIO. Arrival at TOKIO in September exhibition in November. 2 months to 2 1/2 months in TOKIO. It seems like a very good season. Because in the spring it's hot and moist well we'll see. Moreover we will be able to return by LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK. The price being substantially the same I received a notice from PAN AM. My ticket has arrived. But the bastards have made it leave from Paris which is another $ 70 lost. I hope you have recovered the dough because everything is bad and I'm so broke that I want to write me checks to console me by receiving them.
After the "circle" I accompanied France and as I was weird and blue I took the Jag with a full tank of gas and I sowed terror on the highway until 4 am by making back and forth until gasoline is exhausted. I rode 80 quietly waiting for the arrival of the fast cars. And as soon as a car seemed to ride fast I stuck to its bumpers until I catch up and exceeds 180 a real 18 year kid. I return straight right to the integral and neo juvy dotage. (Between us there is not a car that has resisted. All the Alfa, a Lancia 2 MG, a Triumph, a Porsche. I must say that maybe they did not put all the package yet they seemed but they did not take all the risks).
My Eliane I am very lonely: ​​saw Pierre and must go out with Yacinthe.
I love you and kiss you like we do not know how to do anymore.